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Blackberry Coconut Scones - Writer in the Kitchen

I've been on a healthier baking trend of late, but no one will ever convince me scones, with all their wondrous varieties, are not one of the best foods on the planet. They are a perfect tea pairing, and tea pairs perfectly with writing, so enough said.

Blackberry Coconut Scones - Writer in the Kitchen - MK McClintock

Scones are also a great way to add a bit of sweetness to your day without resorting to processed alternatives. Speaking of alternatives, the butter (I'm a Kerrygold fan) can be replaced with a nice vegan alternative like Earth Balance Baking Sticks. I've used them in many recipes and they work great. These scones are great because they don't have a surplus of butter or sugar (if you leave off the glaze) and the sugar can easily be decreased by a tablespoon or two.

The blackberry and coconut complement each other so well, and toasting the coconut brings out more of the nutty flavor.

These blueberry coconut scones are a new favorite, and offer a nice serving of nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Yes, I know you can get all that by just eating the blackberries, but hey, scones.

Enjoy with a your beverage of choice and a good book. The tea shown is actually Herbal Coffee (caffeine-free) from Mountain Rose Herbs.


The Blackberry Coconut Scones are a variation of the Blueberry Lemon Pecan Scones that can be found on the recipes page. For your convenience, you can download the Blackberry Coconut Scone recipe here.


Blackberry Coconut Scones and Books - Writer in the Kitchen - MK McClintock


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