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April Snow and Kitchen Fun

Mother Nature rarely disappoints. I awakened to a light layer of snow and ice covering the green grass. Last night, all of the flowers were either brought indoors or covered in frost cloth. It pays to be prepared when living in cold climates. It was around 8:00 am, and I'm still fighting off the last of a nasty cold, but I couldn't resist a walk. Look how pretty!

Of course it has since melted.

The addition of roses to my office flowers brightened the indoors while the sun peeked through the clouds outdoors. I don't normally go in for this much yellow, but they suit my mood right now.

Yesterday was Cowboy Cookie day. I stock up every 3-4 weeks, making big batches and sending off a couple of care packages. While in the kitchen, I enjoyed part of The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley on audio. I've read the book before, and rarely listen to audiobooks except while driving, so it was a treat.

Today called for a new recipe, and I ended up with a Coconut-Lemon Pound Cake. Double delicious! I do so enjoy a good pound cake. They are versatile and offer a solution to that cake vs. muffin conundrum.

And then an afternoon of writing with the Kyndalls and brainstorming a new project.

Fire snaked into his lungs. Suffocating. Debilitating. He couldn’t breathe, his body immobile. He clawed at the air, at the coarse rope binding his feet, at everything his hands managed to reach. Why were his hands free? Smoke curled upward from the flames, dancing up the walls in a seductive swirl of lights and sound. The crackling echoed off gunshots he heard somewhere beyond the steel door.

No chance of escape.

His scream lodged deep in his lungs, so deep it burned his insides. A round of hacking coughs made it past his scorched lips. He desperately wanted water, or a beer. Yes, when he got out of this—if he made it out—he’d down a whole six pack of Bud Light and thank whatever powers that be for his salvation.

I’ll be good. If you let me live, I’ll be good forever.

These are the opening lines to the next Kyndall book. One might think from the tone set that the entire book is utterly serious, but there's plenty of fun. I've done a bit of laughing and swooning in between the nail-biting shivers. There's a great dynamic going on between Donovan, Meaghan, and Neala right now. Neala, who? You'll see.

I've taken a break, but I really do need to get back to writing. I left Donovan in a precarious position and I do believe he could use a little assistance.

Be well, be kind, and stay bookish!


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