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April 2015

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Dearest Reader,

There is something beautiful about change, and change has played a major role in my life these past few months. I've lived in a number of places across the US; sometimes moving for school, other times with my family, and more often than not because I wanted to experience something different. Montana has been my home for sixteen years, but my little adventures are far from over. I'll be moving out of the lovely lakeside home I've been renting for almost six years. At first I thought this change would be a difficult one, but I soon realized that I was looking forward to something different. I wanted to get out of the rut I'd been in the past year, and this "forces" me to visit and experience some new places. Where am I going next? Well, my home will remain in Montana, but I wouldn't mind taking a little time to explore places I haven't seen, even if I'm still at home.

Has there ever been a place you'd love to visit, plan to visit, but for some reason you allow one excuse after another to prevent you from going? Well, that's what I feel like I've been doing the past few years. Of course, I started publishing books, so my focus has been there, but I must find balance between writing, publishing, and embarking on new adventures more often.

In my book world, the move has obviously caused some delays, but only with my short stories, of which I had two planned for this year. The full-length Gallagher novel is still scheduled for release later this year, and at least one more Crooked Creek short story will hit the shelves in 2015. I have more big publishing plans for 2015 and beyond, and I'm looking forward to each and every one. I want to thank all of my readers, current and future, for their continued support and understanding.

Many good wishes for what I hope will be the start of a beautiful spring.


P.S. If you haven't yet seen the new book trailer for Clayton's Honor, book three of the British Agent novels, here's your chance!

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