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Apple Cinnamon Bundt Bread - Writer in the Kitchen

Have you ever made an apple bundt bread? Truth is, I hadn't heard of one, but a bundt bread can happen when a recipe is accidentally tripled and there isn't room in a loaf pan for all the batter. Of course, two or three extra loaf pans could have been used, but then I couldn't call it bundt bread.

Turns out, bundt quick breads are good. They taste just like, well, loaf quick breads. If you try this recipe (scroll down for link), be sure to not click on the wrong button before printing. The plus side is that there is now a lot of apple bread for the freezer.

Apple Cinnamon Bundt Bread - Writer in the Kitchen-MK McClintock

Thanks to a few brilliant minds for the invention of baking powder (Englishmen first, then Americans, then baking powder wars . . . it was a whole thing) quick breads became an easier alternative to the long rise-and-wait times of yeast breads.

Every one of my characters have lived during times when quick-bread baking was possible, and while they may not have enjoyed the soft varieties we do today, they were not without choices. Imagine today baking salt-rising bread or using milk yeast, to name only two. Then there was Graham Bread (which sounds pretty good), a variety of brown breads and corn breads, and banana bread (different from what we make today). Fresh apples were used in historical yeast bread recipes, presumably first in France, and later in quick breads.

Whether you make this as it should be in a loaf pan (recommended) or triple it and go for the bundt pan, you are sure to enjoy this tasty bread. It goes splendidly with tea.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have characters waiting for me to return to 1866.


You can download the Apple Cinnamon Bread recipe directly from The Happiest Homemaker's blog.



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