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Book Break with An Angel Called Gallagher - Chocolate Triangles

For those new to the Montana Gallagher series, An Angel Called Gallagher is book four, and I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the Gallagher's lives. For those who have followed the series from the beginning, this is a chance to revisit some favorite characters. This book was a turning point for both me and the Gallagher family; it's when we realized that there were going to be many more adventures to experience and many wonderful new people to meet.

Book Break with An Angel Called Gallagher - ©MK McClintock

The Gallaghers have a lot to offer those who happen into their lives, and what better time for such a happening than at Christmas. An Angel Called Gallagher introduces Catie, a young girl who needed a loving and caring family more than anything else in the world. The family welcomes her into their home and hearts, but not all is what it seems, and they have a rocky path to traverse. Catie is a remarkable girl who proves that a person can be strong, no matter one's age. I love this family more and more with every story, and for if you haven't read the book yet, I can't wait for you to meet Catie and spend Christmas with us all at the ranch.


Excerpt from An Angel Called Gallagher

WHITE CLOUDS OF warm breath snaked through the cold air. She held her hands in front of her mouth in an effort to bring heat to her stiff fingers. Fresh snow had covered the land while she tried to sleep, and she didn’t want to sleep too long for fear that the small fire would dwindle. Two thin pieces of wood leaned against the inside of the small black pail. She tucked her feet under her legs and pressed them into her chest. The wool blanket was thin and only warm enough for a cool day, not bitter winter nights. When the sun dipped behind the mountains and the moon rose, the cold seeped past the blanket and into her bones.

Sleep came and went like fleeting dreams until the stars faded, and the small window by the door promised to reveal a rising sun over the mountain peaks. It would be a good day to gather more wood and branches from the forest floor. She looked to the two pegs above the narrow stone fireplace where her father’s rifle used to hang. The emptiness in her stomach might be worse if her father hadn’t left behind a cut of deer. She finished the last of the meat the night before, and the gnawing in her gut told her she’d have to find a meal soon.

Her eyes closed when the soft rays of sun touched her skin. As though drawn toward the promise of warmth, she stepped off the bed with the blanket wrapped around her small shoulders and opened the front door.

Catherine Rose Carr had been raised properly and prided herself on her ability to do her numbers, read a full book without too much difficulty, and to follow the moral rules her mother said every young man and woman must abide by to get to Heaven. She wasn’t certain if she was going to Heaven, or if her mother and father were even there waiting for her, but Catie was sure her behavior the past two weeks excluded her from ever finding out.

The snow soaked through her boots and left her legs weighed down with each deep step. Grateful she could find a moment of rest, Catie crouched low, pressing her back up against the wooden structure nearly the size of her cabin. She hadn’t come this far to turn back now. It took almost ten minutes to convince herself that starvation was worse than stealing.

Excerpt from An Angel Called Gallagher copyright © MK McClintock


I hope you make time every now and then to escape into a good book and relax with a pot of tea, or cocoa, and a tasty treat.

Beverage: Good, old-fashioned hot cocoa.

The Treat: Chocolate Triangles (super easy recipe from Pepperidge Farm)

The Book: An Angel Called Gallagher, book 4 of the Montana Gallagher series.


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