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All the Pretty Things

Glacier National Park by MK McClintock

It's been a few weeks since I started using one of the new gratitude journals on a daily basis, and what a difference it has made in my life. I'll admit that there are days when coming up with three things is a little challenging; not because I'm not grateful but because I'm exhausted, run-down, and wondering if in that moment there is truly anything for which to be grateful. The moment of questioning myself is fleeting (thank goodness), and I write down my three things.

What I'm always amazed to discover is that there are days when I begin writing that I don't want to stop. Once I open that well of gratitude, it sometimes turns into a beautiful waterfall that won't be held back.

Among the many things for which I'm grateful—both everyday things and the more personal—I usually find myself thinking of the beautiful world in which I live and those people with whom I choose to surround myself.

I love horses, and have since I was a little girl. My family vacationed every summer in a small Colorado town (where we eventually moved), and I remember the first horse I ever called my own. A beautiful Arabian named, unoriginally enough, Abe. Horses are a part of my life, my writing, and have a permanent place in my heart.

Horses in Wyoming by MK McClintock

Then there is Nara who has been my best friend since she was a few months old (she's almost 7). I'm grateful for her every day and am so happy that she chose me.

Author MK McClintock and Nara

Then there is the place I live. When I first arrived in Montana almost 17 years ago, I thought, "How can I be this blessed?" It's been difficult watching it change—especially over the past few years—so much that I worry about the future of this magnificent place. Some places have already been forever altered. Despite my growing concern, I can't help but feel grateful every day that I've been able to spend so many years in such a beautiful place.

Glacier National Park by MK McClintock

No matter how challenging a day may be, or how hard I have to work to achieve my dreams, I'm grateful that I'm strong enough to face challenges and blessed enough to possess dreams. Writing books and seeing them published year after year is one of those dreams I almost have to pinch myself daily as a reminder that this is not only something I love to do, but it's a part of my daily life.

Journey to Hawk's Peak by MK McClintock

I'm grateful for you, my readers. I've said it before but it's worth say again—and often. I could write for only myself without an audience, and rejoice in the simple pleasure of writing books. Only, you bring a higher level of joy to my writing and for that I thank you with all my heart.

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