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A Serene Stroll along the River

There are moments in life when the world seems to slow down, and those are the moments I cherish most. This morning offered such an opportunity for me to enjoy a quiet walk along the meandering river north of town. The glassy water beautifully reflected the trees and mountaintops as birds sang and squirrels chattered. It has always been one of my favorite walks, and one I hadn't taken in far too long.

Walking on a trail along the river with mountains and trees - image ©MK McClintock

Moments like this are part of what originally inspired me to write the Gallagher books. I could imagine them in the quiet, surrounded by the Montana of old, with endless blue skies above and a wealth of peace and unknown tucked within the forests.

Mountains and skies, a canvas of dreams,

a world of wonder, a place to roam free.

Birds chirp in harmony, greeting the dawn with song,

whispering secrets carried by the breeze.

The earth breathes in rhythm with the rising sun,

awakening all that slumbers beneath the trees.

Nature has a way of reminding us to slow down, to appreciate the simple pleasures that surround us, and to find beauty in the smallest of details. Sometimes, it's the simplest of experiences that leave the deepest impression on our souls.

Happy walking, reading, and indulging in life's little delights! 🌿

I have a manuscript to finish, so until next time!


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