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A Season of Writing and Green Mountains

I've come and gone from Montana a few times, mostly throughout my twenties, on a quest for that "something greener" on the other side of the fence. Some called it running away, I called it exploring. I would ask, "How will I know what I want unless I live in a lot of places first?" I'm grateful for those years of fun and exploration, but I'm even more grateful that I discovered how much I love the wondrous and seemingly never-ending peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Montana mountains on a cloudy day. ©MK McClintock
My neighbors on a cloudy day. Image by MK.

These mountains inspired my first stories, and brought me together with my beloved Gallaghers. They gave me the loving and interesting characters of Crooked Creek, and they've provided a backdrop for Whitcomb Springs and the courageous men and women who call it home.

©MK McClintock
Horses on a cloudy day. Image by MK.

I feel as much affection for Scotland as I do for these mountains, but this is where I live. This is home. It inspires me daily, and I like knowing that if everything else in my life went awry, I would still have them.

The world and society are fluid creatures, and I've always done better with the reliable four-legged kind that eat grass or the furry friends who curl up on my lap. I spend far too much time trying to figure out how to make it all STOP! I can't, of course, it's folly to even spend time thinking on it, but I do. I want everyone and everything around me to slow down, breathe, take a break and let the current "new thing" have a chance to make an impact before the "next new thing" is introduced.

©MK McClintock
Cows in a pasture, because they're cute, too. Image by MK.

Enter writing, and the mountains. My solace in the storm of craziness. My comfort in a moveable world. My escape from the ruckus. For some authors, it's about making money. For others, it's about the joy of writing. For most, it's about both. For me, it's about fulfilling a dream every time a new book is published. No, it's more than that. It's about the daily escape. If I spend five minutes or five hours in the worlds I've created, writing or thinking about them, I've fulfilled that dream.

What is a dream you've always wanted to have come true?


This is "Going Home" by Mary Fahl. It's a stunningly beautiful song that I listen to in one of my writing music rotations. Enjoy!


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