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A New Year Unfolds

What is is about New Year's that makes us believe we can reset and change the course of lives? Don't we already have that opportunity every day? And yet, we still wait for that clock to chime midnight and welcome in a new year, when we can put all our plans for improvement into motion. Don't get me wrong, I don't have the answers.

These are questions I've pondered as I sit here and type and wait for the loud (Oh, my goodness, loud!) fireworks to end. For criminey sakes, it's freezing outside, there's a weird wet snow on the ground, and we live in an area where wildlife and domestic animals far outnumber humans, so give us all a break.

Perhaps in the new year I'll strive not to complain about things I cannot control. Maybe. We'll see.

From the ashes of yesteryears, we rise anew,

With hearts full of courage, our spirits shine through,

From the stroke of midnight, a new year unfolds,

With hope as our compass, we tread pathways untold.

Rather than resolve to start anew, I will simply continue onward, doing what I already love to do. Writing, baking, gardening, exploring the wonders of nature, and reading many, many books. You'll notice travel is not on the list as I do not have plans to travel anywhere my vehicle cannot get me in a day's drive.

I will save more ramblings for a future date. Right now I have pups wary of the booms and in need of comfort.

The your new year burn bright with hope.

Glacier National Park in winter_MK McClintock


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