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A New November - Glacier Park

The month began with an early morning drive up to Glacier Park. Visiting the park on a whim, and often for only an hour to enjoy nature's grandeur, provides a much-needed recharge.

After the freeze we had a week ago, and all the snow that came with it, I expected the park to be a lot colder than the 33°F we enjoyed. I was almost tempted to wade into the water.

This is north of the lake. The last time I took a picture here . . . wow, it had to have been ten years or so ago. It was an October, and the colors were still vibrant. They've dulled some with the colder weather and unexpected freezes, but it is still a beautiful view.

We arrived early enough to feel as though we had the park to ourselves. That's not difficult considering the park is a little over 1 million acres, but still a nice feeling.

This is the other north view, where McDonald Creek flows into McDonald Lake. The park is gorgeous every season, but I really like the late spring when there is still snow around and the rivers and falls start putting on a good show.

Going-to-the-Sun road closed before the last storm hit, so it we enjoyed a meandering visit at the lower level. The peak below is either Mt. Brown or Mt. Cannon, I think. I don't recall from this vantage point.

A few days ago there was a lot more snow. We're enjoying another warm spell before winter truly hits, and hopefully stays.

Alas, not a bear in sight. I don't want to meet up with one on a trail, but I do love to see wild animals in their natural habitat . . . from a safe distance.

This is a time filled with much anxiety for our country, and it is good to remember that no matter what happens, there is always a 'bigger picture,' and nature, with both its constant change and stalwart presence, does a nice job of putting things in perspective and of reminding us what matters most.

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