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A Life Lost, a Legacy Remembered

For those who read, especially those who read romance of any genre, you're likely to know the name Johanna Lindsey. I cannot speak of her personally, yet as a reader, I will miss her. A life that leaves this earth is always a cause for some sadness, and yet that sadness is somehow uplifted by a legacy left behind that will forever be remembered.

I remember the day I first read a Johanna Lindsey book. I was in high school and at my after-school job. The store was slow and I had a great boss who didn't mind reading during down times. Their daughter introduced me to Johanna Lindsey, and there I sat in the shop reading Tender Rebel. Lindsey's characters are the true gems of her writing, and one book wasn't nearly enough. I was hooked from that day on and read every Lindsey book available. I moved on from there to Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Julie Garwood, and so many more.

My reading tastes have become quite eclectic over the years, but I still enjoy reading books from the Malory series every year. There is joy and comfort in returning to the characters and stories that expanded my love for reading and inspired me as a writer.

Johanna Lindsey's books will grace my shelves for years to come, and whether you are an ardent fan or have never read her books, I can say she will be greatly missed.

Do you have a favorite Johanna Lindsey book?



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