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A Letter of September Days and Writing Fever

Dearest Readers,

I missed a month of hellos! Blogging time is limited these days with all the writing and summer play and keeping my businesses running like well-oiled machines on race day. I did get a post up at The Captivating Quill for August. It was me and my pal Craig Pierson from The Dragon's Staircase. He's such a cutie, such a hunk. Do people say "hunk" these days? My co-author on that one wrote Craig's first appearance in the book, and this paragraph is good insight into him:

Craig never understood people who hated nature or disliked the outdoors. It was unnatural. He definitely didn’t like people who had no respect for it. From the magnificent peaks to the deep ridges carved by glaciers, it was humbling to stand among natures’ greatest achievements. Anyone who couldn’t appreciate Earth’s wonders wasn’t his kind of people.

Yes, that's Craig. He made an appearance in a scene I wrote last week for the next Kyndall book—Donovan's story. One of the best things about writing a series is extending the time spent with beloved characters.

With September here, I will be writing more between now and next spring. Cooler months are perfect for writing, a topic I delve into a bit more in September's Captivating Quill post. I have decided that to make my writing space perfect, it needs a fireplace. A big, wood-burning one with a mantle and lots of stone. I'll have to work on that.

As for The Wicked Cries Wolf (yep, title reveal) . . .

As the truth is revealed, Donovan and Meaghan are entangled in a puzzle of lies, treachery, and clues they must decode if they are to survive.

You'll have to wait a couple more months for the cover reveal, but until then I hope you're kept wondering what's in store next for the Kyndalls. I know I am!

And I desperately need another visit to Glacier Park. Smoke from the fires and crowds have kept me away, but we're moving into local seasons! We still get a few visitors into the park during autumn (either bold and colorful or wet and mysterious) and winter, but mostly those months are for us. Probably because most of the park is closed off to vehicles and all the shops and lodging facilities close up, but man oh man is it pretty. All I need are my boots, snowshoes (in case), camera, and a notebook, and I'm all set.

Be well this September, friends, as we bask in the slow shift from one season to the next.


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