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A Letter of June and Drawing

Dearest Reader,

June is now upon us, and what a beautiful time it is here in Montana. This time of year always comes too quickly for me, and lasts far too long. I am a cold-weather creature, craving fall and winter the moment the temperatures rise above sixty-five degrees. Were it not for my deep and passionate affection for gardening and exploring nature, I would not be able to withstand the summer months.

Summit Lake, MT | MK
Summit Lake, MT | MK

I've taken up sketching. My ultimate goal is watercolors, but for now I must learn the rudimentaries. It has been ages since I sketched anything, though I have found it's not so difficult to pick back up. My technique is in need of work, but it's nothing practice won't perfect.

The sun is bright and cheery, the grass, tall and green. The mountains are my sentinels, the anchors that remind me I'm home and in a happy place. June is a great month for hiking. It's not too hot yet at the higher elevations, and cool enough in the early morning for longer walks on lower-elevation trails. Do you like to hike?

There's a wonderful hiking area nearby called Jewel Basin, in the Swan Mountain Range. The views from atop are spectacular, and if you hit the trails at the right time of year, you'll sweat on the way up and enjoy a snowball fight once you get to the summit. The last time I did that was during July. The snow was refreshing after the trek up. Writing a book isn't so different. The process to go from the first blank page to a completed manuscript is fun, yes, but often tedious. There are switchbacks, plateaus, rocky sections, and that last bit of the climb when you're so close but it feels like you're still so far away.

When I write "The End," it's like a refreshing wave of cool air courses over me. I can breathe again. The tension leaves my shoulders and I do a happy dance. No, really, I do dance a little in my office. It's a wonderful feeling and drives the pup nuts. She'll prance right along with me.

The next book in the Kyndall series is coming along nicely, if not slower than expected.

Be well and cool as the temperatures rise. Be kind to others, and smile as often as you can!

Until next time, read on!

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