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A Letter of July and Shifting Winds

Dearest Reader,

I thought I should write a letter this month before the month was actually over. The summer has been mild and the air free of smoke and ash, which means it was ideal for spending time outdoors. Our winters are long enough to catch up on lots of writing, so I have been moving at a slower pace these past two months, enjoying the beauty that was hidden beneath smoke last year. I appreciate that forest fires are a natural and necessary part of a thriving eco-system, but that understanding does not make the reality easier. Those in the country suffering from horrific fires have my sympathies, for while I am grateful we've been spared a repeat of 2017, I would never wish it on anyone else. There are a few fires in Montana right now, but we have been spared in this corner, and the winds seem to be on our side.

One summer, many years, ago, I was watching the lake out the windows and had the pleasure--or displeasure depending upon how I look at it--to watch the tumult of a small tornado move across the lake. It brought a tremendous storm that seemed to rock the house and press against the windows until I worried for a fraction of a fearful moment that they would break (my imagination ran amok). It was quite a thrill and didn't last long, but the image below is what followed. I've always believed there is light and beauty on the other side of darkness.

Flathead Lake, Montana | MK

And it is with a grateful heart I have kept busy this summer, a summer with no storms and a lot of boring weather. I'll take it! Much of my writing time has been devoted to my historical alter-ego's deadlines, but the next Kyndall book has received some attention. Donovan and Meaghan are wonderful characters and Meaghan's complex mystery has needed a bit more work to figure out. I enjoy that part of writing romantic suspense and thrillers. I like to unravel a story from the end to the beginning. I almost always know how these stories will end, but it's the journey, the untangling of events and figuring out how they get to where they are going that is most fun for me.

Eagles play a part in many of my stories, whether I am writing historical or contemporary, they abound in most of my settings.

Bald Eagle at Flathead Lake, MT | MK

Nature will demand much of my time tomorrow, and so I must finish one of my writings this afternoon. I do hope this summer has been a pleasant one for you, wherever you are. If you have been the victim of Nature's fury, I hope you can find comfort beyond the destruction.

Until next time . . . Read on!

UPDATE 8/15/2018: Not long after I wrote this post, smoke trickled in and has settled over the mountains. New fires in Glacier National Park have brought more smoke and kept me indoors more often than I would like. I look forward to our first snowfall that will hopefully bring an end to the fires.


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