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A Letter of Autumn Colors and Beautiful Music

It is a glorious day, Dear Reader, and I relish in every moment of magnificence since the smoke cleared away. I ventured up to Glacier Park this weekend, as I often do this time of year. The park is beautiful no matter the time of year, but there is something special about autumn. It's not only the colors or the crisp mountain air, but the awe-inspiring wonder of the place. It's always humbling to go into nature, to hike the mountains and walk the trails, and realize that there was a place for me in all of this grandeur. When the world seems intent on throwing tragedy and challenges our way, it makes moments like this all the more miraculous.

Glacier National Park_Autumn_MK McClintock

No pictures of the mountains today. I heard tell it was clear last night and snow covers those mountains behind the heavy fog, but it happens I enjoy a good misty morning. The air was heavily scented with dew and pine. There is always one place in the woods, and I should consult someone about it, where a species of pine, or combination of species, create the most magnificent pine scent, yet it is unlike the standard "freshness" one usually enjoys. It's too difficult to explain, even for this writer, but if I could walk through the forest and bottle it, I would gladly share it with you all.

Glacier National Park_Autumn_MK McClintock

Though the mountains remained stubborn and hidden from view, Lake McDonald was still as beautiful as always. Road construction prevented me from taking my usual route, but it gave me a chance to enjoy other areas I too often neglect.

Glacier National Park_Autumn_MK McClintock

There is not much in the way of traffic this time of year, another reason I save most of my visits for this off-season. Fires drove people away toward the end of the summer, and they are still burning in the park, but today, the air was perfectly fresh and crisp.

Glacier National Park_Autumn_MK McClintock

I do so enjoy driving into the fog, not knowing what awaits on the other side. It pays to take it slow because . . . you don't know what awaits on the other side.

Glacier National Park_Autumn_MK McClintock

I had the trail to myself!

Glacier National Park_Autumn_MK McClintock

And enjoyed bits of pretty color, greens, and dew drops along the way.

I like to think faeries dwell in places like this. Mountain faeries, of course. How wonderful it is for the imagination to run wild and wish for a flicker of time that we have our own special faerie in our park.

Glacier National Park_Autumn_MK McClintock

And then I returned home to enjoy a few hours with my characters. I'm spending time with the British Agents and their families in a new novella. The release date is to be determined as this year has been one of . . . the unexpected. It is always a great pleasure for me to spend time with old friends, and I find I have missed these delightful men and women.

I also enjoy listening to beautiful music while writing. It's almost always instrumental so it acts more like white noise, but often before I begin a writing session, I listen to inspiring music and beautiful voices. I'm a little behind the times when it comes to knowing who is who in the music world, especially online, but I recently heard, for the first time, Alisha Popat in this incredible Lindsey Stirling video.

She has a stunning and angelic voice with a lot of power. Though I was about to start writing on a British Agent story, this song set the tone perfectly, transitioning me out of my invigorating morning in Glacier Park and into an energized, "writing" frame of mind. What kind of music do you most enjoy?

Until next time, stay bookish!



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