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A Letter from MK - February 2017

Where did January go? It usually takes me a bit of time to get used to a new year, but 2017 feels as though it's been around for many months. January was a better month than all of 2016 combined, yet it was also one of the most challenging I've had in recent memory. Change is a natural part of life, and one I embrace with enthusiasm, but I'd prefer it be spread out a bit more.

I'm on a journey to get back into tip-top shape. For five years I've been . . . not quite myself. Unfortunately, the doctors I went to didn't have a clue or misdiagnosed when it really wasn't that big of deal. Thanks to my chiropractor, I finally figured out what's what and am well on the mend. A few annoying tweaks to my diet and I feel better than I have in years, so not really too annoying. With all my energy returned, I plan to divert a lot of it into more writing.

More Books = Happy Author.

I love the image below (Pixabay). It looks like there could be a magical kingdom beyond the clouds, and if you sit in that lovely gazebo long enough, they might separate and you'll be shown the way over the mountains. This also describes the imagination of most writers. There's a lot going on beyond the clouds, and there's a thrilling moment when we get to part the curtains and share with you our writing.

My white board is covered in lists of book titles I'll be working on over the next couple of years. In my office, I have half of one wall covered in book covers—some for completed books, others for upcoming projects. The wall is my constant reminder of all my past, present, and future story ideas, not to mention a wonderful motivation.

I'm currently working on the first Crooked Creek novel, the next Gallagher book, and a British Agent Christmas novella.

I know some of the blog followers are already members of this group, but in case you're not one of them . . .


The Pioneer Hearts Facebook group is a wonderful place for historical western romance authors and readers discuss their favorite stories, recipes and photos. Join the group at

The Pioneer Hearts group is one of the few social spots I visit on a semi-regular basis. It's a great group of authors and readers, and there are always fun giveaways and contests.

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