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A Home for Christmas Audiobook

The audiobook edition of A Home for Christmas is here! I love everything about Christmas, from the winter weather and cozy fire settings, to holiday decor and sweet treats baking in the oven. My mother always made a big deal in our house around the holidays—every holiday. When I was young, I thought it was magical. When I hit my teen years, I groaned at the thought of helping to deck the halls with a multitude of . . . everything. When adulthood came around, I was thrust back into childhood memories and the magic of the season.

Nowadays, I go all-out, and that includes book buying. Christmas books fill my shopping carts online and off during the holiday season. Okay, so I buy them year-round, but hey, they're Christmas books!

This year I'm happy to say I love this collection of stories as much as I did the first time I wrote them, and I'm even happier to be sharing the audio version. Alan Philip Ormond narrated the first two Gallagher books, and he brought those characters to life with his smooth voice and subtle accents. I'm thrilled with his narration of A Home for Christmas, and hope you enjoy it, too.

A Home for Christmas audiobook

Historical Western Holiday Romances

Narrated by Alan Philip Ormond

Also available in e-book, paperback, and large print.


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