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A Hartmann Ranch Christmas by Samantha St. Claire

My pal Samantha St. Claire has a new book out tomorrow, and you aren't going to want to miss it! A Hartmann Ranch Christmas is the newest novel in her Sawtooth Range series. Scroll down to enjoy a short excerpt, and don't forget to visit her blog for more great content.

A Hartmann Ranch Christmas

Idaho 1891 - It's Christmas at The Hartmann Guest Ranch, and along with getting ready to celebrate the holiday in grand style, Jessie and Maddie are playing matchmakers for their new Scottish shepherd, Graham Kincaid and Maddie's bookshop clerk, Clara Webster. Although the two can't seem to agree on much, including the Dickens' Christmas window display, the ladies are convinced they're perfect for each other. All they have to do is convince them.

You're invited to an old-fashioned Dickens' Christmas where Lena, Maddie, and Jessie are planning a party like Mr. Fezziwig's from "A Christmas Carol".

Come along! There'll be puppies, old friends, young lovers, delicious pastries from Jessie's kitchen, those rambunctious twins, and so much fun!

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Enjoy an excerpt from

A Hartmann Ranch Christmas

Chapter One

Monday, December 2, 1891

With her bright eager face, effusive smile, and aggravating efficiency, Clara Webster was the last person Maddie Reynolds wanted to greet her this morning. With neither her breakfast nor her mood refusing to settle, Mrs. Reynolds found her bookshop assistant’s cheerful enthusiasm more than annoying. The dog sitting by her side, less so, but only slightly less. Not even a kitten could improve her mood this morning.

For a moment, standing there at the open door with her hand resting on the doorknob, she considered returning home and having one more cup of tea with her handsome husband, Dr. David Reynolds. But even his good humor had not set well with her as they breakfasted together. He’d had the poor judgement to make light of her surliness, reminding her of her condition, the infuriating but oh-so rational explanation for everything she was feeling these recent weeks. Mood swings, he’d said, were not uncommon. And without the least effort to sympathize, he had the audacity to laugh!

No, she wouldn’t go back to the house. Christmas was only a month away, and she had grand plans for her bookstore. Convincing Mrs. Wilkinson to sell the store to her had been only the first step. The second was to hire an assistant. The petite bundle of enviable energy who stood before her now, offering a cup of steaming coffee was she. The cup, at least, was welcome, and she accepted it. “Thank you, Clara.” She sniffed at the steam rising from the cup. “It almost smells enticing.”

Excerpt Copyright © Samantha St. Claire.

“I found much to love about this cozy story, laid as it is like a quilt over the Sawtooth Mountain landscape: the bustling township, the lively environ of the Hartmann Guest Ranch, wagon rides amid falling snow, the quiet dimness of a hay-scented barn. The story is a treat, and I’m sure you will enjoy the references to literary works of the era tucked in here and there by Miss St. Claire. I truly hope you will indulge yourself in the fun of A Hartmann Ranch Christmas, where, eventually, 'all is merry and bright'." —Goodreads Review

Don't miss the other books in the series!

Meet the Author

Samantha St. Claire divides her time between her homes in Idaho and the Olympic Peninsula. Traveling along the old Oregon trail provides her with the wild landscapes and historic inspiration for this exciting new series, The Sawtooth Range. Her own pioneer roots have stirred her interest in the early settlements of Idaho and Montana.

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