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A Glimpse at "Clara of Crooked Creek"

"Clara of Crooked Creek" is now complete, edited, made pretty, and will be available on February 1st. I'm excited to share this new Crooked Creek story with you.

This particular short story was a little trickier to write because I wanted to bring in the women from the first three short stories, but I had to do so without overshadowing Clara. I also had to make sure that everything in this story allowed for a smooth transition into the first full-length novel planned for this series since Clara will be one of the protagonists in that first novel.

Clara has an adventurous spirit, but she also has a great responsibility to her young daughter, and that's not an easy combination for a woman during this time. When I set out to write the women of Crooked Creek, I knew they would all possess an uncommon strength and courage, traits which enabled them to live on their own and press forward after the war shattered everything they held dear. It's almost as though Clara is a blending of what these women stand for, what they've survived, and what they must do in order to live the next chapter of their lives.

I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into "Clara of Crooked Creek."

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