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A Conversation With My Imagination

Saint Bernard in Jewel Basin by MK McClintock
Saint Bernard in Jewel Basin | MK

Dog (yes, that's her above): I think I'll make just enough noise to see if she's paying attention to me. Loyal Servant: Glances at clock, grumbles at dog, gets out of bed. Dog: I'm actually comfy here on my rug. I think I'll go back to sleep. Loyal Servant: Seriously? Looks at clock again and crawls back into bed. Imagination: Goody, she's awake! We have work to do. Character 1: We really need to talk about the next scene. It's pivotal for me. Character 2: Me, too. You're not the only one in this story. Character 1: I'm kind of the most important one. Character 2: She never said that. Besides, she doesn't have any plans to kill either of us. Character 1: We can't put it past her. She does like killing us off. Loyal Servant: You're both dead if you don't be quiet. Character 1: Did you invite her back? Character 2: Nope. Sometimes she thinks this is all about her. Character 1: Anyway, back to me. I believe the story— Character 2: But I want to talk about my next scene. I think it's really going to add— Loyal Servant: Glances at clock. How did I lose the last two hours? Maybe I should write this down. No, I just want to sleep. Character 1: There she goes inviting herself back to our party. Character 2: Maybe if we tell her our ideas she'll wake up and pay more attention to us. Loyal Servant: I'm already awake you idiots. Imagination: I love my job.

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