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11 More Days!

11 more days until what you might ask. Well, until the release of Clayton's Honor! Never have I exhausted my mind so much as I did with this book. Not because of the book itself, but because I took on way too much in the rest of my life, and it turns out I'm not as great of a juggler as I thought. Thank goodness for an amazing editor who always goes above and beyond for her authors.

The weekend went by in almost a blur. How about for you? If I hadn't accomplished so much, I might not remember any of it. Saturday morning started off with a beautiful sunrise as I walked my pup in the brisk morning air. When we returned—she exhausted and me energized—I got to work. Boy, what a work day it was, and it was all books. I love those days! Sunday I had to take a little downtime in the afternoon and then I wrote.

I told you my life was boring.

I love to learn. How about you? I'm starting a new online course that will inevitably lead to another and another and another, but I'll save the details for another time.

A new week and so many new possibilities.

May your smile shine with brilliance. May you help another in need. May you never give up on someone you love. May you see the good in the world when it's shrouded in gloom.

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