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Long before I started writing books and short stories, I penned poetry. I have a binder filled with poems, many from my teen years. A lot of them aren't great. Others are too personal to share. More are in the works. Poetry, for me, either takes a few minutes to write or weeks. I hope something here speaks to your heart as they do mine. 

A Dream of Montana

Written in 2018

Edited by Verna Cole Mitchell

Her peaks, untouched and unspoiled,

rise above confines of man.


Through mountain valleys, restless and untamed,

her rivers glisten and tumble.


Her creatures, wild and yearning,

battle for the solace of their desire.


Her eagles, majestic and transcendent,

soar and dance through endless skies.


Her heart, uncertain and amazed,

thirsts for a time forgotten.


Her faith, hopeful and tranquil,

awakens and confides in the nation.



~  MK McClintock

A New Angel

Written in 2017

A new angel ascended to the heavens above,

welcomed by a celestial sunshine.

Her pain forever forgotten,

old friends forever remembered.


The wind carries her spirit,

The sky glitters with her star,

The mountains remember her footprints,

The heavens rejoice in her homecoming.


I whisper her name,

and warmth fills the empty room.

Our souls touch beyond time,

and comfort overflows the void she left behind.


She’ll frolic and dream and play,

gazing beyond the grassy knolls.

With her waits two friends,

their paw prints etched upon our hearts.


When at last our eyes meet,

across the bridge of colors and dreams,

our hearts will rejoice to unite again,

and run free together in the fields of paradise.




In memory of Nara “McClintock”

Best Friend & Four-Legged Companion

August 2009 – April 2017


Written in 2016

Edited by Verna Cole Mitchell

Wintertide, cozy and sheltered,

descends as life renews,

asleep now under flowering turf.


Blossoms, bountiful and sweet,

awaken and spring from

beneath Earth’s heart.


Hills, glorious and green,

nourished in dew,

welcome wee beasts.


Budding wings, fair and sure,

flutter and frolic

above periwinkle vines.


Springtide, fresh and vibrant,

cherished by hope,

rouses from her frosted slumber.



~  MK McClintock

Summer Rivers

Written in 2016

Edited by Verna Cole Mitchell

With the wild winds,

they travel through our valleys,

across the mountains,

into the sea.


By grace of Earth’s bounty,

their glory shines

beneath the sun’s splendor,

below the moon’s glow.


With mankind’s exultation,

the adventurer and the discoverer 

seek a peace they not yet know,

a dream not yet realized.


Within resplendent depths,

a secret is offered, a mystery unveiled

for only the soul-searcher to uncover

beyond the rivers’ bends.



~  MK McClintock

Autumn and I

Written in 2016

Edited by Verna Cole Mitchell

She calls to my heart and sings to my soul

Beneath a canopy of harvest color.


Soft is her wind and sweet is her nectar

When yellow and gold hang from her boughs.


Crisp is her step and cool is her breeze

As she carries my breath of life in her current.


Her melody brings peace, her silence gives comfort.

While consumed with joy, I seek her solace.


Unshakable is her beauty and alluring her whispers

When she brings the time between on a sigh.

~  MK McClintock

Winter Moon

Written in 2016

Edited by Verna Cole Mitchell

Strong is the cold, quick is the breeze.

Twilight has risen and Earth sings out,

to the winter moon.


Fierce is her radiance, bright is her purpose.

Harmony seeks pleasure and Earth serenades,

the light of the winter moon.


Inspiring is her flame, incandescent is her chill.

Yearning bestows a hushed prayer and Earth wishes,

upon the winter moon.


Potent is her luster, ancient is her soul.

Silence casts a sparkling web for Earth to dream,

beneath the winter moon.

~  MK McClintock

Africa's Soul

Written in 2016

Edited by Verna Cole Mitchell

Long ago, a time beyond imagining,

An ancient essence rose up,

Gave life to a noble people,

Purpose of a great worth.


Before the dying hours,

Between the night and day,

Fire rose from Earth’s bosom,

Endowing faith to a gentle race.


Warrior and seeker walked

Along the river of hope.

Élan climbed from darkest depths,

Blessed courage upon kindred hearts.


Departed days, a time before dreams,

A bygone soul ascended,

Breath soared from humble wisdom,

And peace graced her soul.

~  MK McClintock

The Moonlit Night

Written in 2017

When whispers the moonlit night,

Upon my heart a bright star shines

With the magic of a radiant light,

All through the moonlit night.


When twilight’s melody calls me near,

In glow of darkness I embrace a dream

With the silence of the shadows’ gift,

All through the moonlit night.

~  MK McClintock

The Quiet Heart

Written in 2017

Whispers an amiable breeze

to a stalwart sapling,

“There sits a quiet heart.”

Whispers a stalwart sapling

to a downy nestling,

“There sits a quiet heart.”

Whispers a downy nestling

to a gentle fawn,

“There sits a quiet heart.”

Whispers a gentle fawn

to a budding cub,

“There sits a quiet heart.”

Whispers a budding cub

to a sprouting rose,

“There sits a quiet heart.”

Whispers a sprouting rose

to wee lamb,

“There sits a quiet heart.”

Whispers a wee lamb

to a flourishing bairn,

“There sits a quiet heart.”

~  MK McClintock

My Journey

Written in 2017

Edited by Verna Cole Mitchell

I walk a path of hopes and ideas,

a road of wonder and the undiscovered.


I set my course and wander,

leaving a trail, mine alone to tread


Heart and soul of no other,

is able to set out on this passage.


I press forward with purpose,

giving what no other can give.


I look forward with faith and promise,

bestowing my truth, my grace.


No soul, no heart,

no other will wend this way.


This is my voice, these are my dreams,

this is my incomparable journey.

~  MK McClintock

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