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A Note to Readers

from the author

Welcome to my home on the great wide web where there's always time for a cup of tea and a good book. As my guest, it is my sincere hope that you enjoy exploring the various historical and contemporary novels and short stories in a variety of genres.

For those who are new here, I write under two pen names. MK McClintock is historical (variety of subgenres, plus dual time in future), and McKenna Grey is contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

Dearest Reader,

If you've found yourself here, reading this letter, I can only hope you've read one of my stories. If not, we have plenty of time. Writing is a solitary business, and for those like me who prefer a semi-reclusive life, the interactions we have with our family, close friends, and characters are the most important and valued relationships in our lives. Which doesn't mean we don't enjoy getting to know new people.


(You are about to learn everything personal about me that I am likely to ever share.)

About me . . . I currently live and write in Montana. It's the big, western state below Canada that gets a lot of mention in movies, but most people I talk to still ask if we have high-speed internet (it's still spotty in most places). I like it that way, and it's a nice and quiet place to write. It's grown too much over the past several years, which is why I spend so much time getting lost in the historical worlds of my characters.


In addition to Montana, I've lived on the west coast, throughout the majestic Rockies, and in beautiful New England. I've also had some good times in Scotland and North Carolina. All of my adventures have given me great foundations, ideas, and local color for my writings. Every event and experience has shaped my characters and stories, giving them depth and life they might not otherwise have had. 

I imagine that we'll spend most of our time getting to know each other within the pages of my books, for that is where much of my personality (as well as hopes, dreams, quirks, dislikes, loves, etc.) is unleashed. I don't talk about my personal life, beyond sharing recipes and pretty pictures, because I feel that it would distract from the characters and their stories. Besides, they are far more interesting.

I have never set out to write the great American novel, nor do I have such aspirations. My stories offer escapes into fictional worlds where the hero and heroine always get their happy ending. It's never an easy journey, but the endings are worth it.

You may have already surmised that as MK I write books in historical genres, specifically western romance and romantic mystery with a touch of something else for good measure. The books are set in the American West and across the sea to Scotland, Ireland, and England.


As of 2022, you can enjoy novels and short stories in five McClintock series.


While my main focus is historical writing, I also write romantic suspense, thrillers, and small-town romance under McKenna Grey.


I have a fickle imagination and allow it the freedom to wander at will. It has not and will not settle on one genre. Future stories will take me across more genres and new eras, and I can't wait to get there. 

I do not set out to please everyone, but rather those who enjoy escaping to another time and place, where their imaginations are free and open to simple pleasures and stories written from the heart. When I am not working on my next story, I run two long-term businesses, enjoy time in the garden, and explore the mountain trails in both sunshine and snow.

My life has been a journey, and at every turn, I have been in search of the answer to that elusive question, “Who am I?” In the winter of 2012, I finally had my answer. I am a writer. An author. A purveyor of words. I write about the places I love, bringing to life the characters who speak to me, and who are ready for their stories to be heard.
To this day I can’t pinpoint just one moment when I thought to myself, “I’ll write a book and publish it.” I never had that moment—it’s always been a gradual and natural progression like it was always meant to be.
I search within myself daily, always surprised to discover a new dream, a new quirk, or an untapped talent. This journey is never-ending, and each day is a new beginning.

I find the process of writing and sharing my work so much more enjoyable when we are strangers on the brink of meeting for the first time. You will come to know me through the words I write, and for an author, that is what truly matters.

We have plenty of time to spend together. There's no rush and so many wonderful books out there to read. I even share some of my favorites on the blog. I'm honored you've found your way to my little corner of the world, and I hope you enjoy your visit.


I hope you'll subscribe to either the blog or newsletter so we can keep in touch.


I am not big on social media, but if it's your thing, I will share book updates and an occasional post on my official pages. I try to keep social pages updated, but it's not a strength or priority. Most of my postings and communications are via the blog.


Until we meet in the pages of my books, may your days be filled with fulfilled dreams, an abundance of kindness, and as many beautiful moments as you can capture.


Be well, be kind, and stay bookish!


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Quick Bits

  • Gallagher's Pride was my first published book in 2012.

  • The Dragon's Staircase was published in 2016 and began my contemporary journey as McKenna Grey.

  • As of Dec 2022, I have written 31 works of fiction (novels and short stories).

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Genealogy (for fun)


I am a proud American and come from many generations of proud Americans. And like most of us, we hail from immigrants who helped build upon what we like to call the great American spirit. Whether our ancestors arrived sixty years ago or six hundred, it's nice to know from whence we came. At least, I like to know.


I had always enjoyed an interest in genealogy, but in 2021 I decided to spend significant time delving into the past. Among my ancestors are a host of clan chiefs (Cameron, Campbell, MacLean, MacDonald, Stewart, Gordon, Wallace), many lords and ladies, and even a few kings. Of course, so many others share the same ancestry, but still, it's really cool.


What I once believed was a single McClintock a few lines back on the family tree, was actually several generations worth. Next up is a search for those who may have fought in the American Revolutionary War and Civil War (so far I have found two on each side). A few high-level freemasons not too far back were a surprise and warrant further exploration. A few story ideas have even emerged from my research.

My ancestry is primarily a mix of English, Irish, Scottish, and French. Many character names from my books are selected from among my ancestors.


I do most of my genealogy through, but find and to be valuable resources. If you enjoy genealogy work and want to share your wisdom, I welcome the chance to hear from you.