Content Guide for Books

To give readers an idea of the content of my books, and because I believe there should be transparency for book ratings, I've provided content information on this page. Each person might have their own definition of book content ratings, so I've created my own, specifically for the books I write under each name. While generally clean and mild reads, all of my books are intended for adult audiences.

MK McClintock Book Ratings

Sweet & Clean (G): Just as the rating implies, these are sweet romances that never go beyond kisses. No sex, no leading up to it, just good, wholesome, romance stories.

Guilt-Free (G-PG): These stories have touches of mystery and romance, and are clean reads, without being sweet. They don't have graphic violence but may contain some elements of suspense.


Moderate (PG-PG-13): These stories have romance, a touch of mystery or suspense, and some violence. There is no graphic sex, but there may be sensual kisses and/or closed-door. 

Moderate+ (PG-13+): These stories have romance, a touch of mystery or suspense, and some violence. There may be sensual kisses/activity leading up to sex. 


Many of the MK books fall under the Moderate category, or somewhere between that and Guilt-Free.


Language Content:

MK books do not contain explicit language. However, they may contain a few words commonly found in historical language (along the lines of "hell," "damn," "bloody," etc.). I do not believe that everyone would have watched every word they ever said all the time, but because I personally don't like explicit language, these words are used sparingly and only when it makes sense for the story or character at the time.


Violence Content:

The extent of the violence in MK books is similar to what you see in a western movie or historical adventure movie. All of my books have characters who use guns and other weapons such as knives, swords, daggers, and similar. Rape and violence against children are never depicted, though there may be mention without description. Some may be sensitive to this content, others may not. Please use your judgment.

Alaina Claiborne is the only MK book with sensual content that falls somewhere between PG-13 and R.

STANDARD RATINGS (for those who want a comparison)


Please note that all of my books will have a G, PG, or PG-13 rating.


Sensuality Ratings:

Clean or G – Love scenes and/or kisses, but little or no sex.
Sensual or PG – Non-descriptive, non-graphic sex

Steamy or PG-13 – More descriptive and sensual, but nothing wild or explicit, and no graphic sex scenes.

Alcohol Use:

I personally do not drink alcohol, but it's unrealistic for me to think that none of my characters would, and so some do. The mention of alcohol use is minimal or used in passing.