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Wickedly Good Suspense. Delightfully Sweet Romance.

McKenna Grey

McKenna Grey

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Read The Wicked Cries Wolf

A woman desperate for solitude. A man with an enemy he can’t see. A dangerous game neither wants to play. 

"If you are looking for a book that you just CAN’T put down, then this is DEFINITELY the book for you!” — BookBub review

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“Looking for a hard-to-figure-out mystery with a side order of nail-biting? Then look no further!” – InD'tale Magazine

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Blade of Death
The Wicked Cries Wolf
The Dragon's Staircase
Christmas in the Rockies
Shadow of the Forgotten

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Misty Mountains

McKenna Grey

McKenna Grey, a pseudonym, writes romantic suspense and thrillers, including the Kyndall Family series. Her works also include the small-town contemporary romance collection, Christmas in the Rockies (because sometimes she's in the mood to write something sweet).

She lives wherever the next adventure takes her, which is usually somewhere with a lot of trees or exists only in her imagination. 


McKenna is not active on social media. 

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McKenna Grey Books
Blade of Death

Kyndall Family Series


He'll strike when she least expects it. 

Alexa Kyndall, an FBI special agent, has seen too many vile and unrepentant people escape justice. After coming off a harrowing kidnapping case, she visits her hometown of Stewart’s Crossing while on a two-week vacation. 

Set in the wilderness of Alaska, "Blade of Death" will leave readers on edge and grasping for clues in this short story prequel to the Kyndall Family Thrillers. Join Alexa and her brothers as they track down a killer before an old friend becomes his next victim.

The Dragon's Staircase

Kyndall Family Series

Book 1

A woman haunted by her past. A man willing to do whatever it takes to save her. A killer closing in. 

FBI Agent Alexa Kyndall devoted eight years of her life to the search for justice, showing no mercy to the guilty and depraved. When she joins a special task force to bring down a serial killer, Alexa encounters the most unexpected criminal of her career. 

When a child witnesses a brutal slaying, Alexa's life becomes intertwined with Craig Pierson's, a man with his own haunted past. They join forces, only to discover they must put everything on the line in a pulse-pounding struggle to protect and survive. 

Nestled in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, The Dragon's Staircase is an intriguing, nonstop adventure that will keep readers enthralled from start to finish.

Shadow of the Forgotten

Kyndall Family Series

Book 2

A woman preyed upon by corruption. A man who won’t abandon her. An obsession that could destroy them both. 

Heather York’s investigative career with the U.S. Marshals Service is neither glamorous nor dangerous, but when she’s thrust to the precipice of an unexpected threat, she has no choice but to wonder if she was meant to be collateral damage or the intended victim. 

At a luxury lakeside lodge in Maine, Jordan Kyndall’s plans to celebrate the wedding of his college roommate go awry before the happy couple has a chance to say “I do.” Jordan anticipated a good time with old friends. Instead, he stumbles upon a gruesome scene in the picturesque woods of the woman whose lifeless body unexpectedly stirs his protective nature. 

As the threat against them grows and the questions multiply, they’ll have to trust each other—and their feelings—if they’re going to survive. 

From a quaint and unsuspecting town in northern Maine comes Shadow of the Forgotten, the second book in the Kyndall Family Thrillers series, a contemporary suspense series filled with gripping intrigue, riveting romance, and nonstop adventure.

The Wicked Cries Wolf

Kyndall Family Series

Book 3

In the shadow of Alaska’s Chugach Mountains, a darkness lurks and threatens a quiet coastal village in The Wicked Cries Wolf, the third book in the Kyndall Family Thriller series. 

A woman desperate for solitude. A man with an enemy he can’t see. A dangerous game neither wants to play. 

International bestselling author Meaghan Ryers has gained wealth, success, and fame . . . and all she wants is to be left alone. When her sister suggests she escape to someplace quiet where no one will find her, Meaghan picks a spot on the map and heads for Alaska. 

Sheriff Donovan Kyndall of Stewart’s Crossing, Alaska, arrives at the scene of a car fire after receiving a mysterious call. He doesn’t expect a woman from out of town to be at the scene, begging him to believe someone was killed. As clues into the fire emerge, Donovan has to ask himself how she’s connected and how a caller knows details from his own tragic past. 

As the truth is revealed, Donovan and Meaghan are entangled in a puzzle of lies, treachery, and clues they must decode if they are to outlast their enemy.

Christmas in the Rockies

Single-Title / Not in a Series

Not in a series

Three heartwarming stories. One romantic Christmas escape. 

"McKensie’s Christmas Gift" 

When McKensie Scott returns to Wycliffe, Wyoming, she’s uncertain of her future . . . and the man she left behind two summers before. With the help of an unexpected ally, McKensie will discover that sometimes leaving the people you love is the only way to find your path home. 

"A Snowy Falls Christmas" 

After five years of searching for answers at her family’s home in Scotland, Maura Coburn returns to Snowy Falls, Colorado, the place she's always called home. When Wyatt Dobbes sweeps into town to take over his family's horse farm, Maura realizes five years might not have been long enough. When unexpected circumstances bring them together, Wyatt and Maura will soon discover the powerful magic of Christmas, love, and second chances. 

"Christmas in Moose Creek" 

Saige Travers said goodbye to Owen McGregor sixteen years ago. A spontaneous choice brings Saige home to Moose Creek, Montana, and she doesn’t expect her past to catch up with her present. When Owen walks back into her life, she struggles to remember why she left. Together they discover second chances are real and hope is a cherished gift. 

Can six willing hearts find a second chance at love? Join us this holiday season and fall in love like it was the first time.

Content Warning: These stories feature characters who enjoy baking up delectable desserts and tempting confections filled with Christmas cheer. Enjoy!

Greyscale Landscape


Questions asked, answered, and anticipated.


Why don't you publish books more often?

Most of my writing time is dedicated to my historical romantic fiction books written under MK McClintock. Since I am only one person and can only write so fast, there are often spans of time between my McKenna Grey books. 

Can I get your e-books for Nook, Kobo, and iBooks?

Most of my e-books are currently exclusive to Amazon. The free Kindle app is available for most phones and tablets. If you have a newer Nook HD, the Kindle app is available through Google Play. 

Download the Kindle app from your app store onto your smartphone or tablet. Open the app and connect it to your Amazon account (the same one you use to shop for everything else). Important—you can only buy books through the online retail store, not through the app. After you buy the book from the online store, open your app and the book will appear. You only have to download the app once, and then you can read to your heart's content!


Paperback books (trade) are available everywhere. Large print editions are also available.


E-books previously purchased from any other retailer will still be available to you for as long as you own it.

Where can I learn more about Kindle Unlimited?

Find out more about KU and subscribe.

Will there be more Kyndall books?

Yes, there will be a fourth installment (Owen Kyndall's story). Updates will be posted on this site when it gets close to publication.

Do the Kyndall books need to be read in order?
No. Each book has a complete plot and they can be read in any order. Of course, readers often prefer to read series books in the order they were written. Siblings show up in other books, but not all of them, and not necessarily at the same time. 

Why aren't you on social media?
Once upon a time, I did have a couple of accounts, then closed them down. I want to be there for readers, but in truth, I'm terrible at social media. With a demanding writing schedule under two pen names, plus a long-time business to run, what spare time I have is spent in the pursuit of activities away from the computer. It's been better for my writing.

Do you attend events?
I have no plans to attend events or make appearances. When I tour books, it's online.

Why do you write under two names?
It really is as simple as expectations. I wanted to be sure that readers knew what to expect when picking up a McKenna Grey book versus the books I write under MK McClintock.

Do your books have sex and swearing?

No graphic sex and/or light swearing. See detail below.

  • Sweet & Clean (G): Just as the rating implies, these are sweet romances that never go beyond kisses. No sex, no leading up to it, just good, wholesome, romance stories. (The second-chance and small-town romances fall into this category.)

  • Guilt-Free (G-PG): These stories have touches of mystery and romance and are clean, without being sweet. They don't have the violence of the thrillers but may contain some elements of suspense. (I currently don't have any books in this category, but will at some point.)

  • Thrills & Chills (PG-13): No sex or romance, but some violence.* This is primarily for "Blade of Death."


  • Thrills & Spice (PG-13): No sex, but a little spice that may lead up to sex without graphic description (closed-door). The violence isn't gory, but it's there.* (The romantic suspense books will all fall under this category.)


Language Content:

My books do not contain explicit language . . . for the most part. Some of the Kyndall Family Thrillers do contain a small amount of language, but it's mild. The books may contain a few words along the lines of "hell," "damn," "bloody," etc.). I personally don't like explicit language (or swearing in general), and these words are used sparingly, if at all.

The sweet, contemporary romances have no swearing.

*Violence Content:

Many of the characters in the romantic suspense/thriller books work in some type of law enforcement or are ex-military. Guns are used and the books contain related violence similar to what is found in thrillers or action movies. There's nothing gory. Rape and violence are never depicted, though there may be mention without description. Some may be sensitive to it, others may not. Please use your own judgment. 

The sweet, contemporary romances have no violence.

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