Let me introduce you to my contemporary alter-ego:

Wickedly good suspense. Delightfully sweet romance.

I currently have five books written under McKenna Grey, and what fun they are.

If you're an eclectic reader and enjoy heartwarming contemporary romance or edge-of-your-seat romantic thrillers, then I hope you'll give the McKenna Grey books a try. Be warned, they are quite different from my historical books. There will be more works on the contemporary side, though they aren't released as often as the MK books.

www.mckennagrey.com to learn about the books.


“Wow! A captivating page turner! I couldn't stop reading. Fabulous characters! 4 1/2 Hours of pure suspenseful, intense, powerful, and thrilling non-stop pleasure. Wow! So well written. Don't miss it. Read! Enjoy!”

– BookBub review on The Wicked Cries Wolf

“That’s the way to do it - keep the reader hooked and reading and thinking they have it all figured out ... only to discover that they don’t. A nice bit of romance, a good deal of “whodunit” tension, and a satisfying conclusion make Shadow of the Forgotten a great read on a weekend away. Enjoy!” – Readers' Favorite


“The Dragon’s Staircase is a mind-boggling adventure that will keep you guessing until the last page.”

Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick

“Holy smokes! This is one suspenseful, anxiety-ridden, skin-crawling tale of murder, mystery, and psychological creepiness. Looking for a hard-to-figure-out mystery with a side order of nail-biting? Then look no further!”

– InD'tale Magazine on The Dragon's Staircase

“WOW, what a read! The plot was intense, powerful and thrilling and held me captive all the way through! The characters fairly leaped off the page, and the tension was palpable. If you are looking for a book that you just CAN’T put down, then this is DEFINITELY the book for you!” —BookBub review on The Wicked Cries Wolf