Books 1-3 Montana Gallagher Series

Trappers Peak Publishing, 2014


Historical Romantic Western Adventures

The Montana Gallaghers: Books 1-3

Books 1-3 Montana Gallagher Series

Three siblings. One legacy. An unforgettable western romantic adventure series.

Gallagher’s Pride: Adventure, danger, and timeless love—Gallagher's Pride is the first in a series about a frontier family's legacy, healing old wounds, and fighting for the land they love. Brenna Cameron was a on a quest of discovery.  Ethan Gallagher was on a quest for revenge. Together they would discover a second chance.


Gallagher’s Hope: Return to the beloved town of Briarwood with this frontier romance about second chances and finding love in the face of overwhelming odds. Isabelle Rousseau sought a new beginning. Gabriel Gallagher sought what he didn't know was missing. Together they would discover hope in unlikely places.


Gallagher’s Choice: Somewhere between the rugged mountains and open plains on the Montana frontier, the Gallaghers struggle to find peace, hope, and love on a wild land. Ramsey Hunter finally had a family to call his own. Eliza Gallagher now knew what it meant to risk it all. Together they had a chance to find peace at last.

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A Note from MK

Dearest Reader,

Is it possible for me to love the Gallaghers even more? I believe it is. The characters are flawed, likeable, and yes, sometimes infuriating, but they’re real and true to themselves. This is more than just a series—it’s a western saga, so some questions won’t be answered in every book—you may have to wait until the end. The series follows the Gallagher’s romance, hope, and revenge over the course of several books—each one offering something new.


Even though Gallagher’s Choice concludes what I'm calling a trilogy in the Gallagher series, you have not seen the last of this remarkable family. The present dangers may now be resolved, but the adventure doesn't end here.


It should also be understood that I write fiction, not history. I do my best to stay true to the time in which the books are set, but I do take some leeway as a fiction author. I accept full responsibility for any major historical discrepancies. I hope you have enjoyed spending time with the Gallaghers and continue with us on our adventures.


Be kind, be well, and stay bookish!

~MK McClintock

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