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Gallagher Character Guide

Keeping track of characters in a long-running series can be a challenge, which is why I have characters guides on this website. I hope they help whenever you have a question about where a characters falls in the series. While each hero and heroine have their own stories, many of the other characters are mentioned or make an appearance in each book. Not all minor characters are listed. This guide will be updated whenever a relevant new character and/or story is introduced to the series.

Gallagher Family & Hawk's Peak

Ethan Gallagher m. Brenna Cameron in Gallagher's Pride

Gabriel Gallagher m. Isabelle Rousseau in Gallagher's Hope

Eliza Gallagher m. Ramsey Hunter in Gallagher's Choice

Ben Stuart m. Amanda Warren in Journey to Hawk's Peak

Ainslee McConnell m. Colton Dawson in Wild Montana Winds

Jacob Gallagher ~ Father to Ethan, Gabriel, and Eliza

Victoria Gallagher ~ Mother to Ethan, Gabriel, and Eliza

Ramsey Hunter/Cameron ~ Twin brother to Brenna

Ainslee McConnell ~ Cousin to Brenna and Ramsey

Andrew Rousseau ~ Younger brother to Isabelle

Jacob Gallagher ~ Son to Ethan and Brenna

Rebecca Victoria Gallagher ~ Daughter to Ethan and Brenna

August Gallagher ~ Son to Gabriel and Isabelle

Elizabeth Hunter ~ Grandmother to Brenna and Ramsey

Nathan Hunter ~ Grandfather to Brenna and Ramsey


Catherine Rose Carr ~ young girl in An Angel Called Gallagher

Ranch Hands

Ben Stuart ~ Foreman

Colton Dawson ~ Head ranch hand, tracker

Carl, Tom, Tom Jr., Pete, Kevin, Henry, Tommy Hanson, Connor, Jackson

Briarwood Townsfolk

Reverend Phillips ~ Town reverend

Orin Lloyd ~ Telegraph operator

Forest Lloyd ~ Orin's son

Otis Lincoln ~ Blacksmith and livery owner

Tilly ~ Cafe owner

Loren Baker ~ General Store owner

Joanna Baker ~ Loren's wife

Sarah Beckert ~ Cord's mother and later, the schoolteacher

Cord Beckert ~ Young boy in An Angel Called Gallagher

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