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Emma of Crooked Creek

Book 1 (short story) of the Crooked Creek Series
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The war is over between the North and South, but the battles at home are just beginning. 


Emma Hawkins is a dedicated doctor in the little town of Crooked Creek, Montana Territory. Casey Latimer is a wounded soldier in search of a new home and a new beginning. When Casey, battered and bruised, quite literally falls at Emma's feet, she is bound by duty to help him. What happens next is something Emma never expected.


"Emma of Crooked Creek" is the first introductory installment of the Crooked Creek series set in post-Civil War Montana.

A little background on Crooked Creek . . .

EMMA OF CROOKED CREEK, the first short story in this series, was originally written for a short story contest, but while writing it, I realized I had the makings of a new series I very much wanted to write. Set in post-Civil War Montana Territory, the characters, time period, and setting came alive, and I'm looking forward to adding to this collection over time.

Most of the stories in this series will be short stories or novelettes, but there will be at least two full-length novels, one of which will be a Christmas novel, and another an exciting battle-and-romance-filled western adventure.

You'll have a chance to meet many characters from this unique Montana town, but for now, I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into Crooked Creek.

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