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It has to be said

I have nothing interesting to say here, so keep reading for the actual policy stuff.

A note to blog readers . . . 

I adore readers—those who follow the blog and those who don't—and appreciate every second, minute, and hour we spend together in my books and online. 

I devote many hours a week to writing, and what I have left is spent on my businesses, family, reading, other hobbies, and living a bit of life. Time is a precious commodity, and while I could wish that I had plenty of it to spare, I do not. I blog because I enjoy it and because I hope to offer you some entertainment and extras between the stretches of book releases. 

I am not a social person by nature. What time I do spend online with readers is all I am able to give—mentally, creatively, and emotionally. To pretend otherwise would be unfair to both you and me. Sometimes this means periods of absence while I recharge. I much prefer this blog to social media and expect that one day, perhaps farther into the future than I would like, social media use for me will be a thing of the past.


Comments are open but are monitored. You are always welcome to contact me with comments and questions via the contact form on this site if you have a comment or question about a post. Response times vary.

I find that the majority of the site visitors likely to comment on a blog post prefer to contact me directly, and I hope you will, too. Email is a little like exchanging letters, and I'm old-fashioned enough to enjoy those one-on-one exchanges.

Your devoted author, 

~MK McClintock

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