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Comments are currently open on the blog with registration required. Spam comments will be removed and the spammer will have their registered blog access deleted. 

A note to blog readers . . . 
I adore readers—those who follow this blog and those who don't—and appreciate every second, minute, and hour we spend together in my books and online. 
I devote many hours a week to writing, and what I have left is spent on my businesses, family, reading, other hobbies, and living a bit of life. Time is a precious commodity, and while I could wish that I had plenty of it to spare, I do not. I blog because I enjoy it and because I hope to offer you some entertainment and extras between the stretches of book releases. 
I am not a social person by nature. What time I do spend online with readers is all I am able to give—mentally, creatively, and emotionally. To pretend otherwise would be unfair to both you and me. Sometimes this means periods of absence while I recharge. I much prefer this blog to social media and expect that one day, perhaps farther into the future than I would like, social media use for me will be a thing of the past.
You are always welcome to contact me with comments and questions. I enjoy the emails and respond to all non-spam emails as quickly as my schedule allows (Sorry if I've ever missed one.). 
I find that the majority of the site visitors likely to comment on a blog post prefer to contact me directly (at least according to the last poll), and I hope you will, too. Email is a little like exchanging letters, and I'm old-fashioned enough to prefer those one-on-one exchanges.

Your devoted author, 

~MK McClintock
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