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British Agents Character Guide

Keeping track of characters in a series can be a challenge, which is why I have characters guides on this website. I hope they help whenever you have a question about where a characters falls in the series. While each hero and heroine have their own stories, many of the other characters are mentioned or make an appearance in each book. This guide will be updated whenever a relevant new character and/or story is introduced to the series.

The Agents & Family

Tristan Sheffield m. Alaina Claiborne

Charles Blacwkwood m. Rhona Davidson

Devon Clayton m. Anne Doyle

Derek Clayton ~ Devon's brother and an agent

Zachary Clayton ~ Devon's brother and an agent

Wynton Clayton ~ Devon’s uncle


Patrick Ashford ~ Supervising British agent


Christian Sheffield - Son of Tristan and Alaina

Christopher Claiborne ~ Father of Alaina

Clara Claiborne  ~ Mother of Alaina

Blackwood Crossing

Laird Davidson (Angus) ~ Rhona’s father

Laird Crawford (Braden) ~ Friend to Rhona's mother

Emsley Hargrave ~ Rhona’s maid

Katherine Cheshire ~ Nanny to Alaina and Tristan’s son

Ellis ~ Charles’s butler

Lord Kitchener ~ Charles’s neighbor

Alden Kitchener ~ Nephew to Lord Kitchener

Murdock Calhoun ~ Man in Highlands

Alistair Davidson ~ Rhona’s brother

Wallace Davidson ~ Rhona’s brother

Alaina Claiborne

Lord Winston ~ Alaina's Uncle Sebastian

Charlotte ~ Alaina's Aunt

Lord Croxley ~ Prominent lord

Daphne ~ Alaina’s chambermaid

Henry ~ Butler at Claiborne Manor

Bridgette ~ Downstairs maid at Claiborne Manor

Clayton's Honor

Lord (Asher) Gaspar, Marquess of Lochnabar ~   Prominent lord

Claire Doyle ~ Anne’s younger sister

Orla Doyle ~ Anne’s mother

Kevan Doyle ~ Anne’s father

Cillian Ó Fionnáin ~ Young man

Nessa Ó Fionnáin ~ Cillian’s sister

Winston Haverly ~ Butler at Ballinrock Castle

Abigail Berkes ~ Housekeeper at Ballinrock Castle

Noleen Keegan ~ Head housekeeper at Ballinrock Castle

Theo ~ Footman at Greyson Hall

Alby  ~ Footman at Ballinrock Caslte

Rozalyn Kent ~ Maid at Greyson Hall and niece of Henry who is butler at Claiborne Manor

Fairley ~ Driver at Greyson Hall

Fianna ~ Irishwoman

Bray ~ Footman at Blackwood Crossing and the housekeeper’s nephew

Duke of Hambleton ~ Prominent lord

Lady Whitley Alexander ~ Mistress of the Duke of Hambleton

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