Clara of Crooked Creek

Story 4

Available in E-Book and Paperback

Historical Western

She longed for a new beginning. What she found was a place to call home. Driven by adventure and strengthened by love, one woman will prove that nothing is impossible.

No longer willing to allow society’s opinion to influence her life, Clara Stowe sought a change, and what better place than the frontier. With her young daughter by her side, she embarks on an unexpected undertaking to the Montana Territory. With grit and determination, they arrive in Crooked Creek to shape the life Clara had always dreamed of and honor the memory of the one they lost.

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From the Readers

"I loved this very short story, Clara of Crooked Creek, nicely written by MK McClintock. I love this new series, A Crooked Creek, which follow smart and independent heroines who settle in Montana during the 1800s. I have already followed, Emma, Briley and Hattie, now it's Clara's turn." - Nicole Laverdure

"MK McClintock has brought Clara and Crooked Creek to life for me. I’m looking forward to reading more stories about Clara and the friends she has made in Crooked Creek. This is an excellent novella and a wonderful, quick read. I think you will enjoy it." - Cherub's Library

"The threat of danger was lingering in the background, but the story focused on Clara's goal to open an inn. Me thinks she will fit in with the other Montanan gals quite nicely. I am more than a little antsy to get my hands on the next installment." - Amazon Review

"You can see them, hear them and get to know them. The descriptions of that part of Montana are easily visualized." - Amazon Review

A Note from MK

Dearest Reader,

Clara’s story is special in that this short story is only the beginning. Clara will be one of the main characters in the first Crooked Creek novel, and that's when her story truly begins with more adventure and romance than she could have ever imagined.

You'll have a chance to meet many characters from this unique Montana town, but for now, I hope you enjoy these glimpses into the people of Crooked Creek.

Be well, be kind, and enjoy!

~ Mk

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