Unchained Courage


Western Short Story

"Beautiful western short story!"
—Goodreads review

The Story

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Daniel and Evelyn Whitcomb dreamed of adventure as they made a home in the Rocky Mountains. Four years after Daniel left Montana, he returns from the Civil War a man uncertain of where he belongs. Through courage, honor, and the arrival of an old friend, Daniel finds a way back to the life he once imagined. Join him in “Unchained Courage” for a lesson in the power of hope, faith, and remembrance. 

Journey to the little mountain town of Whitcomb Springs, Montana, and meet a delightful group of settlers whose stories and adventures celebrate the rich life of the American West.

Praise for the Book

"What a wonderful story of courage and hope. I loved Evelyn Whitcomb’s story and her love for her town and the families in it. How courageous she was. I hope we hear more about Evelyn and Daniel in future stories. I look forward to more short stories from this post-Civil War town."
—Kindle Reader on "Whitcomb Springs"

"'Forsaken Trail' is another fabulous read by MK McClintock! I have read just about everything MK has written and I am never disappointed. This one is no different. It is a short story but it is packed full of adventure, suspense, love and inspiration. I loved it! I give 'Forsaken Trail' 5 stars and highly recommend Cooper’s story for all who love a good historical."
—Kindle Reader on "Forsaken Trail"

"Beautiful Western short story!

I really loved this new novelette by MK McClintock, titled "Unchained Courage." Even though it was short, I loved meeting again the characters from the previous stories and some new ones.

Daniel and Evelyn Whitcomb had dreams together. However, when he returns home from the Civil War, he is not the same man. Along with their friends Cooper and Abigail, they will embark on a journey of hope and courage." —Goodreads review

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A Note from MK

Dearest Reader,

"Unchained Courage" is a continuation of Daniel's story. Unless one has been in battle, one cannot fathom what a person goes through. I know I cannot, save for what I have heard from my uncle and others who have served. Daniel had struggles and "ghosts" to overcome if he was truly going to start anew back home with Evelyn.

This is a series of hope, love, promises, and overcoming odds. How many stories will there be? None of us know. Join us as we enjoy the journeys, adventures, and sweet romances of Whitcomb Springs.

Be well, be kind, and enjoy!

~ Mk

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Western Short Story


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Read a Sneak Peek

THE TOWN WAS quiet as expected this time of morning, and yet an eerie silence filled the air like the mist still dispersed over the valley floor. He and Cooper traveled down from the mountain on a trail that connected to the north road leading into town. A hard-packed dirt road passed by Daniel and Evelyn’s home, where Evelyn and Abigail could often be found in the garden at this early hour.

Evelyn doted on her flower gardens, but this morning the flowers stood alone, glistening with water droplets in the early morning light. The town’s shared vegetable garden to the south of the house was also empty, tools set against the fence with no one to yield them.

“Mr. Whitcomb!” Cody Skeeters jumped up and down on the front porch of the big house and ran toward them. “Mrs. Whitcomb says I ain’t supposed to move until you and Cooper get here!”

Daniel held up a hand and looked down at the boy. “Is she hurt?”

Cody shook his head. “There’s a dead man, Mr. Whitcomb! A real dead man. I ain’t never seen nothing like it.”

“Come here, Cody.” Cooper motioned the boy closer. “Where is he?”

Cody pointed toward town. “In the clearing next to Miss Maggie’s saloon.”

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