Hopes and Dreams in Whitcomb Springs

Historical Western Romance/Western


High in a mountain valley, a place for those who have loved and lost becomes a home for those who wish to hope and dream. 

Set in post-Civil War Montana Territory, in the town of Whitcomb Springs, is a community of strong men and women who have worked to overcome individual struggles faced during and after the war. Amongst the majestic mountains, clear-water lakes, and hand-hewn homes, you will meet widows, heroes, mountain men, and others who seek a place of peace and renewal. 

Meet a brave group of settlers whose stories and adventures celebrate the rich life of the American West with their tales of adventure, courage, mercy, tender romance, and hope for a good tomorrow.


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"What a wonderful story of courage and hope."

— Kindle Reader

Hopes and Dreams in Whitcomb Springs

Praise for the Book

"What a wonderful story of courage and hope. I loved Evelyn Whitcomb’s story and her love for her town and the families in it. How courageous she was. I hope we hear more about Evelyn and Daniel in future stories. I look forward to more short stories from this post-Civil War town."
—Kindle Reader on "Whitcomb Springs"

"'Forsaken Trail' is another fabulous read by MK McClintock! I have read just about everything MK has written and I am never disappointed. This one is no different. It is a short story but it is packed full of adventure, suspense, love and inspiration. I loved it! I give 'Forsaken Trail' 5 stars and highly recommend Cooper’s story for all who love a good historical."
—Kindle Reader on "Forsaken Trail"

"Beautiful Western short story! I really loved this new novelette by MK McClintock, titled "Unchained Courage." Even though it was short, I loved meeting again the characters from the previous stories and some new ones. Daniel and Evelyn Whitcomb had dreams together. However, when he returns home from the Civil War, he is not the same man. Along with their friends Cooper and Abigail, they will embark on a journey of hope and courage." —Goodreads review

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Stories 1-4


Historical Western Romance/Western

A Note from MK

Dearest Reader, 

It all began with Daniel and Evelyn Whitcomb, whose dream of a grand adventure in the Rocky Mountains became an unforgettable journey of love and perseverance in the face of loss. The war gave much to some, but for most, defending home, honor, and belief that the country could become a better place came with great sacrifice. Many remained and rebuilt while others were determined to forge a new life far away from the memories. The extraordinary resilience and faith of all those who found a way toward redemption and second chances should be remembered and honored. 

Monuments may crumble, statues may be needlessly destroyed, and reputations may be unkindly tarnished, but words of unwavering truth, acceptance, and forgiveness will survive. These imperfect characters face real-life heartaches and hardships, and like real life, they struggle with choices made during their worst moments. Those who are honest of heart and spirit, even if they lose their way for a time, deserve to be remembered for the good they have, can, and will do in the world. 

This is a series of hope, love, promises, and overcoming odds. Join us in laughter, tears, and joy as we experience the journeys, adventures, and sweet romances of Whitcomb Springs.

Be well, be kind, and enjoy!

~ Mk

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