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Listen everywhere you go!

Whether you're on a commute to work, working in the garden, chilling by the pool, or puttering around the house, audiobooks are a great way to read while you get stuff done.

A Home for Christmas Audiobook Cover.png

A Home for Christmas

Historical Holiday Romance

Narrated by Philip Ormond

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Gallagher's Pride_cover_2021_audiobook.jpg

Gallagher's Pride 

Montana Gallaghers, Book One

Historical Western Romance

Narrated by Philip Ormond


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Gallagher's Hope_cover_2021_audiobook.jpg

Gallagher's Hope

Montana Gallaghers, Book Two

Historical Western Romance

Narrated by Philip Ormond


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Gallagher's Choice_cover_2021_audiobook.jpg

Gallagher's Choice

Montana Gallaghers, Book Three

Historical Western Romance

Narrated by Kathryn Fields


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Alaina Claiborne_new cover_MK McClintock_audiobook.jpg

Alaina Claiborne

British Agents, Book One

Historical Romantic Mystery

Narrated by Nicky Baker


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Meet the Narrators

Alan Philip Ormond

About the Narrator:

Philip worked in the theater in British Columbia Canada before moving to England to study acting in London. After graduation he traveled through Europe finally working as a deck hand on a freighter plying the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas before returning to the theater and film work in Canada. On one project he had the opportunity to raise a black bear, who had been rescued by fish and wildlife, to the age of 2.5 years of age  from a few weeks after birth. Currently residing in Oregon, Philip now focuses his energies on getting kids through college and the production of audiobooks from his studio in Portland.


Nicky Baker

About the Narrator:

Nicky Baker is a seasoned voice actress. Since 1997, when she began working in this field professionally, she has accomplished thousands of projects, ranging from audiobooks, cartoons and video games, to commercials, corporate sales videos, telephony and educational modules. Using her far-reaching talent, she is able to perform a wide scope of personalities (male and female) of all ages and of many nationalities and walks of life. Learn more at


Kathryn Fields


A note from the narrator, Kathryn Fields . . .

Of course, I have the most fun finding a voice for each of McClintock"s wonderful characters. When MK first contacted me about narrating Gallagher's Choice, she also sent me the first two books of the Gallagher series, Gallagher's Pride and Gallagher's Hope. I read all three books before starting to record, immersing myself in the Gallaghers' world. I was happy to be doing Eliza's story, as I found her character to be interesting, multi-layered and fun! I thoroughly enjoyed telling the story of Eliza's developing romance with Ramsey, which surely had its ups and downs. What I enjoyed most was the setting:  Montana in the 1880s--an exciting and romantic time and place, which MK makes into a character as vivid as any of the Gallaghers.


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